Greek police catch migrant smuggler in wild pursuit

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1 24

Hellenic Police, in particular, the Immediate Action and the Crime Prevention Prevention Team (OPKE), conducted a wild pursuit of a migrant smuggler in Zagliveri, reported Security News.

It all started when a car moving near Zagliveri village in Central Macedonia, 47 km east of Thessaloniki, aroused the suspicions of OPKE police officers with the latter asking for the assistance of Immediate Action.

A chase ensued, with the vehicle deviating from its course and stopping at the border before reaching a stream.

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According to information from, the vehicle was carrying six people from Africa, along with another person from Syria.

A few minutes after the immobilisation of the vehicle, which had stolen license plates, a manhunt was launched to locate three people who tried to escape on foot.

Meanwhile, a boat carrying 19 immigrants, all men from Iran and Afghanistan, arrived in the Lapsarna area of ​​Antissa in northwestern Lesvos, on Sunday morning

It should be noted that this is the second boat with illegal immigrants arriving in Lesvos, in same wider area, away from the usual landing sites in eastern, northeastern and eastern Lesvos.

Another boat with 51 passengers arrived on the island last Wednesday in the area of ​​Skalochori.

According to the measures to deal with coronavirus pandemic, the 19 immigrants are expected to be checked by medical staff, before being moved to Megala Therma in order to be placed in a 14-day quarantine.

It should be noted that, both in Chios and in Samos, there has been migratory flows since the middle of last March, ie almost two months ago.

It is expected this number will increase in summer.