Turkish media is full of speculation of an upcoming coup against Erdoğan

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3 8

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has already survived one coup attempt against him in 2016 that he blames on his ex-ally, Fethullah Gülen, who leads FETO Islamic movement.

Now, with the Turkish lira collapsing, three of its biggest banks at high-risk of bankruptcy, failure to invade Idlib in Syria's northwest, continued backing of terrorists in Syria and Libya, an occupation of northern Cyprus and continued air violations against Greece and Iraq, Turkey is on the brink of economic collapse.

Making life more difficult for Erdoğan is the endless speculation in the Turkish media the past few days, that there is a coup brewing to topple the longtime Turkish leader who has been described by a German think tank as a dictator, as reported by Greek City Times.

State-run Anadolu Agency went with the headline "Reaction to the "new coup preparation" rhetoric from AK Party Özkan."

Sabah's headline was "Last minute! Strong reaction to CHP's coup implications from President Erdoğan: We will not leave the square to this fascist mindset ..."

Haberturk's one was "Is there a new “coup” preparation?"

And these are just some among many.

So what happened?

The Kemalist Republic People's Party (CHP) Istanbul Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel's said some days ago that "the end of the Palace regime and the Palace order will come to an end. It will end all these assignments and all this unfairness that will spoil Atatürk's bones."

This sparked off massive speculation in Turkey that the CHP were behind an upcoming coup attempt against the Turkish president.

Erdoğan hit back and said that he will "deal with the opposition."

"While we continue our struggle on many fronts from the epidemic to the fight against terrorism and economic attacks, we also have to deal with the opposition. We are faced with a dark mindset that applies to all roads. We will not leave this fascist mentality that can harm our country and nation to harm us. In addition to answering every slander, every distortion, we need to bring these together by explaining our own vision and actions. You have very important duties in evaluating the next opportunity," he said.