Two migrants in Lesvos test positive for Covid-19

Πρόσφυγες Λέσβος

Πρόσφυγες Λέσβος

The Ministry of Asylum & Μigration on Tuesday evening confirmed two migrants who arrived on the Eastern Aegean island of Lesvos earlier this month, tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The individuals who arrived on May 6 were placed in a special quarantine facility at Megala Therma.

Since March 1 anyone arriving on the island has been placed in quarantine at a separate facility with no contact with larger groups of asylum seekers at other facilities on the island, the sources added.

The temporary accommodation at Megala Therma was leased by the ministry from a local owner and is being used as a quarantine facility. It houses 70 refugees in total, of whom 51 arrived on the island on May 6.

The two asymptomatic patients - who were detected in a random testing of nine residents - were placed in isolation within the facility, while medical staff of the National Public Health Organisation (EODY) will test all of the remaining residents on Wednesday, according to the ministry, as well as any police and coast guards who came in contact with them.