Turkish journalists & academics think Greek islands and Western Thrace will join Turkey

2 27

2 27
According to official statistics, over 140,000 people in Turkey have been infected with coronavirus resulting in around 4,000 deaths. And that is according to official statistics. Journalists and social media users saying the real number is much higher are arrested.

In recent days the Turkish lira plunged to a historical low to the U.S. dollar and three of Turkey's biggest banks are at risk of collapse, as reported by Greek City Times.

But what is Turkey's greatest concern at the moment?

The endless dream of occupying Greece's majestic islands and the region of West Thrace on the land border with Turkey.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Istanbul, Elias Topsakal, and the chairman of the Solidarity Association and mutual support of the Turkish World, Halit Qaanaaq, speaking to the Turkish state-owned Anadolu Agency on the appeal being prepared before international justice, explained that the "neighbor" to violate international Law in the eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean is Greece - yes, Turkey who illegally occupies northern Cyprus, as recognized by United Nations resolutions, is accusing Greece of breaking international law, according to Ethnos.

"Greece's actions have increased a lot lately. Especially in the eastern Mediterranean, natural gas reserves and underwater wealth around the [illegal] Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) have pushed Greece to look for partners. Egypt, Israel, and even Lebanon and some other countries have begun to move in the same direction, with no rights in the region under international law and no agreement to provide for such a thing. Some international companies also tried to take advantage of it, while some other countries did not speak out. On the contrary, Turkey, with the very important agreement it signed with Libya on the demarcation of the continental shelf, has ensured its security and future in the region," the Turkish outlet delusionally said.

According to Topsakal, more than 100 non-governmental organizations that have the support of the Turkish World Solidarity and Solidarity Association have decided to deal with the case in practice and claim Turkey's legal rights in the region.

"The case has been taken over by the legal advisers of our association. We are considering bringing this case before the European Union, the United Nations, and human rights organizations. This case will not only be limited to Turkey's rights, but will also include the rights of the TRNC. NGOs will work together. NGOs from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan will also take part in the movement, monitoring and supporting the legal process. Similarly, there are several NGO sisters in the Balkans who will be involved in the process. The process will begin with a meeting that will take place soon," said Topsakal.

Turkish journalist Hacı Yakışıklı working for Yeni Akit went to Twitter and did not hide his dreams of occupying 12 of Greece's eastern Aegean islands, in addition to Crete and Western Thrace, either. However, his delusions did not extend to only Greece, but also to the land between the northern Iraqi cities of Mosul and Kirkuk, as well as Crimea in Russia, in accordance to the "100 NGO's" additional dreams.

"THAT'S GREAT NEWS! Turkish World Day. And 100 NGO's are preparing to launch an international dimension in lawsuits related to 12 [Greek Aegean] islands, Crete, Libya, Mosul-Kirkuk, Crimea and Western Thrace! This land can join Turkey again !" he posted on Twitter.

The Deputy Mayor of Constantinople, belonging to the Kemalist Republican People's Party (CHP), Gursel Tekin, made a mockery of Yakışıklı's neo-Ottoman dreams and said: 

"While ready to sue, start a lawsuit for Central Asia, Ötüken, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, so that they do not stay out. If we can sue Libya and buy it like a land, we close it from here to the Great Wall of China. This is essentially political Islamism. The mind is to leave the logic and live with dreams," he said.

Central Asia is a predominately Turkic area, ethnic kin to the Ottomans.

Yakışıklı insisted on his dreams that the Greek islands and Western Thrace will go into Turkish sovereignty, and responded back saying:

"And the first reaction came from the CHP, not from Greece; seriously it was! NGOs are preparing to file international cases regarding 12 Islands, Crete, Libya, Mosul - Kirkuk, Crimea, Western Thrace! Gürsel Bey; "These are dreams," he says! We hope that; We will say "dreams come true"!"

Yakışıklı literally admits that he dreams of occupying Greek land.

It is unsurprising however considering Yakışıklı works for a media service that openly says they support Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who on a near daily basis instills into the Turkish public that he will expand Turkey's borders.

According to a periodic report on hate speech in the Turkish media, released by the Hrant Dink Foundation, it found Yeni Akit to be one of the top three dailies that included hate speech content, particularly focused against Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Kurds and the LGBT, but also many other groups.

We remind our readers that Turkey is one of the lowest ranked countries for media freedoms in the world, is the second most susceptible country surveyed in Europe and the surrounding region to fake news, has the most journalists jailed in the whole world, and 90% of media is government controlled.