Xronia Polla Giorgos Sabanis, who turns 37 today

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‘Mono Esy’- Exclusive with Giorgos Sabanis

Giorgos Sabanis, one of the most talented singer/songwriter of his generation, was born on the 15th May 1983 and turns 37 today!

At the age of 13, he started playing music and created a band called ‘Fasma’. They wrote and sung many songs, one of them being the famous song ‘To To Fili Tis Zois’, which was performed by Helena Paparizou many years later. Following his musical passion inside of him, he studied playing guitar in a musical school, in Athens.

In his teenager years, Sabanis mostly listened to rock bands of the 1960s and 1970s, and bands of British and American legends. His greatest musical idol is Giorgos Dalaras.

Not only was Sabanis a talented songwriter and singer from young, he was also born an athlete and enjoyed track and field.

At the 2004 Summer Olympic Games held in Athens, he carried the flag with an image of an olive branch around the stadium at the opening ceremony, symbolising not only peace, but Athens itself, his birthplace.

In October 2007, Sabanis recorded his first CD single ‘Kapou Allou’ and in March 2008, he released his first full album titled ‘Haramata’. Not long after in May 2009, he released his second album and also made his first live appearances with Peggy Zina. Sabanis also composed nine songs for Peggy Zina’s album ‘To Pathos Einai Aformi’.

Sabanis later released his third album ‘Mistirio Treno’ in March 2011, fourth album ‘Den Eimai Iroas’ in 2012, fifth album ‘Mono Ex Epafis’ in 2014 and sixth album ‘Logia Pou Kaine’ in 2016 which was certified four times platinum with 50,000 copies sold.

The inspiration for his songs he notes, is a gift from God. “Nobody knows where it begins and where it stops. Sometimes they say that you have a muse inside of you, a girl or a goddess who comes to your brain and gives you music, no-body knows…. When you do something to me, I usually write a song. It’s my way to explain the things inside my mind and to explain the things to my friends. So simple. When I am in love with a woman and I want to tell her how I feel, I prefer not to talk. I can leave a song on the table. For some it’s romantic, for others it’s silly because they cannot understand it…The feeling has intelligence. That feeling has mind. As a person, the first thing I know for myself is that I have a high level of sentimental, emotional intelligence so I can write music, or I can write lyrics, or I can perform, or I can be the guy who can listen to your problem, understand and tell you what you have to do.”

As a talented singer and songwriter Giorgos has won numerous awards and attained many musical achievements. In 2013 at the MAD Video Music Awards, he won the award for “Best Video Clip Pop/Rock” with the song ‘Ora Miden’ and again won the same award in 2016 for his song ‘Prin Peis S’Agapo’.

He has also written songs for Nikos Oikonomopoulos, Despina Vandi, Katy Garbi, Giorgos Mazonakis, Antonis Remos, Natassa Theodoridou and Melina Aslanidou, just to name a few artists.

In 2019, Sabanis released his latest studio album titled ‘Paraxena Demeni’. The album contains 11 very distinct songs, with all the music written by Giorgos himself and lyrics by Eleana Vrahali, his permanent lyricist.

Trust us, listening to him brings music to your heart!

Xronia Polla Giorgos, Happy 37th Birthday!


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