The Mykonos Project gets approved amid coronavirus


The Mykonos Project 1

Tourism investment project- “The Mykonos Project” worth €60 million, received the 'green light' from the Council of State regarding the plan for the development of 95 private luxury properties on a 60,320 sq.m. plot just above Karapetis beach in Ano Mera, Mykonos.

The complex will be developed as a five-star hotel unit, complete with sport and spa facilities, a function hall and stores.

“In the midst of the unprecedented global crisis, the government is acting every day to support the entire Greek economy, which is in the throes of a crisis. While, at the same time, the Ministry of Development & Investments, with its eyes on the “next day”, continues and works dynamically with the aim of attracting significant – with emphasis on investments in our country.

We are moving forward with efficiency and speed so that Greece becomes an attractive investment destination – always with respect for the environment, as evidenced by the decision of the CoE," said the Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis.

On his part, Secretary General of Private Investment, Nikos Mantzoufas noted:

“As chairman of the central advisory board, I am pleased that we can attract significant growth investment in this country. Through the process of strategic investments, we achieve excellent and effective cooperation of all co-responsible services, cooperation that leads to quick decisions with full respect for the environment and national natural wealth."

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