Serbian President: Skopje betrayed Serbia on Kosovo to impress Germany

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6 3 4

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said that "North Macedonia" has done everything to flatter Germany as the most powerful force in the European Union and indirectly supported Albanian claims on Kosovo.

Vučić told TV Prva that at the inauguration of Stevo Pendarovski, the president of Greece's northern neighbour, he asked Pendarovski to not vote in favour of an independent Kosovo.

"I just begged him, for God, you have already done something that many countries would interpret differently. Make sure that you do not talk about these topics, it is not your job, and when you do that, think that there are those who think differently," said Vučić, who also underlined that, "of course, it was done contrary to what he considered an agreement."

"They certainly, contrary to my request, did it to stand out to flatter the Germans," the Serbian President said.

After Pendarovski's statement, in which he said he is against the idea of ​​correcting the borders between Serbia and the illegally broken off province of Kosovo, Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin also hit back in support of Vučić.

Vulin said that Pendarovski "can freely remain silent in a language that no one but Serbia recognises, and in other languages ​​he can be even louder to remain silent because no one is asking for or accepting his opinion."

Pendarovski told the Kosovo-based Gazeta Express newspaper that his office told the paper that the solution would have detrimental effects on the region and jeopardise all progress over the past 20 years.

Greece's northern neighbour was one of the first country's to recognise Kosovo as an independent country, while Athens continues to recognise Kosovo as an integral, historical and religious part of Serbia.

As of today, 15 countries have withdrawn their recognition of Kosovo as an independent country, meaning only 50% of countries recognise the illegal entity.

Since Kosovo made its illegal declaration of independence, it has become a ‘smugglers paradise' for heroin and a hub for human trafficking, organ harvesting and arms trafficking.

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