Coronavirus: New rules for air travel in Greece

air travel

air travel

New health protocols to ensure that air travel in Greece is carried out as safely as possible for passengers and crew, during the post-Covid-19 period, were announced by the Greek Transport Ministry on Saturday, GTP Headlines reported.

The protocols come as Greece is lifting the measure that currently restricts citizens to their home prefectures and allow travel throughout the country on the mainland.

The following measures will take effect from Monday, May 18 until Sunday, May 31.

  • Face masks are mandatory for all airline passengers and flight attendants.
  • The use of mobile apps, where available, is encouraged for services such as ticket booking and check in.
  • Passengers must maintain a distance of 1 to 1.5 meters from one another in the waiting areas, at gates and when boarding a flight.
  • A special boarding process has been set up with passengers boarding in smaller groups, to avoid overcrowding.
  • Where there are boarding bridges, boarding is done only from the front door.
  • Where possible, passengers are transported from the gate to the aircraft on foot.
  • Where a track bus is used to transfer passengers from the gate to the aircraft, only 50 percent of its capacity may be covered.
  • Water, hand sanitizers and snack packages can be found at the entrance of the aircraft or at the boarding gate, so that passengers can collect them by themselves.
  • Immediately upon arrival at the airport, the aircraft cabin must undergo cleaning in accordance with an enhanced antiseptic program, before being allowed to continue flying.

Service providers must:

  • Inform passengers about hygiene rules and personal protection measures.
  • Provide their staff with the necessary personal protective equipment (mask, gloves, alcohol antiseptic).
  • Clean and disinfect passenger areas and contact points and machinery with special antiseptics.

The measures are in line with information and instructions from EODY, Greece’s public health organization, to avoid the transmission and spread of the coronavirus virus in Greece.

*Source: GTP Headlines 


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