Graffiti removed from Pontian Genocide Monument in Arnissa

pontian arnissa

pontian arnissa

Graffiti was sprayed on the path in front of the Pontian Genocide Monument in Arnissa, a town in the Pella regional unit of Macedonia, on the occasion of May 19, the Pontian Greek Genocide.

It is the second time the monument has been 'vandalised'.

Mayor of Edessa, Dimitris Giannou, told AMNA that the perpetrators wrote slogans on the pavement in front of the monument before the commemorations.

The municipality provided the necessary tools and cleaning supplies to the members of the local Pontian Association, who erased the slogans.

Καταδικάζω απεριφραστα την βεβηλωση του μνημείου του Ποντιακού πολιτισμού στην Άρνισσα. Ειδικά μια μερα ιδιαίτερη για...

Posted by Stayros Gkatsos onTuesday, 19 May 2020

The incident was announced by Stayros Gkatsos in a post on his personal Facebook account. "I strongly condemn the desecration of the monument to Pontian culture in Arnissa. Especially a special day for our history... Let the authorities do their job to find the perpetrators."

This comes as candles for the 350,000 Pontian Greeks exterminated by Turkish troops and Kurdish para-militaries, were lit on Monday night in the centre of Thessaloniki.