Greek diaspora schools to test StaEllinika platform

DRAFT StaellinikaEn Responsive

DRAFT StaellinikaEn Responsive
The StaEllenika initiative, announced in April by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, serves as the platform of suite of apps for young Greek language learners developed through Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Now, through a collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, the initiative will be piloted in select Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Schools.

The platform will be launched at schools in California, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey under the supervision of Dr Anastasios Koularmanis, director of the Archdiocese's department of education.

StaEllenika is a collaborative effort of the SNF Center for Hellenic Studies and the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad at the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The apps are designed for kids aged 4+ (Greek for Preschool/Kindergarten), kids aged 6+ (beginners Greek for ages 6-8) and kids aged 9+ (beginners for ages 9+).

“The aim of our initiative is to use technology to mobilise the interest of students, especially younger ages, in a modern and at the same time attractive methodology for learning the Greek language, mythology and culture, through a complete personalised learning experience. The Greek language is one of the key elements that unites Hellenism and this platform will be an important investment for its preservation, dissemination and promotion,” Greek Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Kostas Vlasis stated. 

The current beta version (pending release of a full version scheduled for September 2020) has already reached 7,000 students in 106 countries since its launch less than a month ago.

The initiative is already operating on YouTube, and the app is available on apple (iOS) devices for children aged  4-5, 6-8 years and  over 9 years. The app will become available on android devices in September.