Greek leader in Albania: "We live in the midst of chauvinistic Albanian terror, Greece help us!"

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13 3

Stavros Markos, the President of the Greek community in Himarra (Χειμάρρα, Albanian: Himarë) has made a desperate plea to the Greek government to protect the Greek community from "chauvinistic Albanian terror."

The town of Himarra is a center for the 120,000 strong indigenous Greek community of Northern Epirus, in southern Albania, directly on the border with Greece.

Markos penned a letter from his personal blogsite titled "We live in the midst of the chauvinistic Albanian terror, Greece take responsibility or betray us forever."

It goes as follows:

"The persecution of the people of Himarra continues with the law of war, which was issued by the law by the Albanian government.

The Himarra community of Albania is looking at great interest at the assimilation of the Greek population, with the chauvinistic methods of law that transferred property and the tourist season, which will favour the oligarchs and the conquerors of Himarra property. This season, with the laws against freedoms and human rights, the implementation of Albanian chauvinism against the Greeks, who have lived on their land for 3,000 years, will occur. The Greek government, following the orders of the Albanian government to isolate and arrest the exponents of the Greek community in Himarra, should be concerned on the contrary and not to wait for the consequences...

Today [Wednesday], I was called to the Himarra Police. I have been to the Himarra protests several times for years, but today I was surprised by the accusations: You carried out illegal construction, explaining why they come from the state police. In advance, we try to get permission from the Municipality. Others blackmail and terrorise us, the Himarra community.

We see that the wait, the dictatorship, the terror against every citizen who even in public networks shows his view that he is a Greek of Himarra.

While I was contacting the police leadership in Himarra, I was told by the State Police, based on the Construction Law, that I understood that there were about 18 constructions in the entire Palase-Kiparo area, which were Greek residents, and, on the list was the name of my hotel, approved by the Municipality of Himarra. And then I was indignant: You make your investments and we make ours: 200 buildings that were looted by the oligarchs on the properties of Himarra people, continue to be built on the lands of our fathers... all Albanian oligarchs.

The Chief of Police asked for my documents and above all whether I was the owner of this land or not...

It's awful.

Of course, with the new law on property, the Albanian government will use all methods to bring people to their knees, but also with the law of war, when they will use the state police to terrorize Greek businesses for the Albanian oligarchs? And to journalists, what can we expect from the summer season in Himarra?

The news from Tirana has worsened the situation of the Greek minority, because the leaders of Omonoia, such as President Beleri, have been accused of being Greek patriots, while everyone knows that this pressure is a campaign of terror against every free word and propaganda against of freedoms and human rights.

Attention. The Greek government, taking into account this alarm message from the Himarra community of Albania, up to 90% of the business income in Himarra, will benefit the oligarchic Albanians from Albania and Kosovo, terrorising the population before registering in Albania and so on, to buy the lands and legs of the Greeks in Himarra.

The community of Himarra in Albania is asking the Greek government to monitor what may happen to the Greeks of Himara in the coming months because it is the last hope that this Christian people of Europe will live in their territory."