Daily Mail features Syros, the ‘Italian Masterpiece’

*Image credit: Giannis Larios

Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, which is now becoming more and more popular, was featured by Daily Mail as an "Italian masterpiece."

Titled, “A little Italy… in Greece”, the article notes Syros as an ideal destination for summer holidays.

"Ermoupoli is possibly the most extraordinary town in Greece. There’s no maze of alleys, no whitewashed houses and no heaps of tangled fishing nets in the harbour. What you get instead is a busy city, whose broad squares, grandly domed churches and pastel-coloured mansions look more Italian than Greek. Ermoupoli is the capital of Syros, an island of 22,000 souls in the middle of the Cyclades. New fast catamarans started docking there last year, which is how tourists discovered it — they use it as a pit stop between Mykonos and Piraeus, the main port of Athens," according to travel writer John Malathronas.

Malathronas also visited the medieval town of Ano Syros, where he expresses "It’s here, in the old capital, that I finally discover those characteristic claustrophobic lanes, pelagic panoramas and white-washed houses." He also visited some of the island’s monasteries and beaches.

“Idiosyncratic and eccentric the island may be, but its soul belongs to an old-fashioned Greece where acts of generosity to strangers are still part of daily life,” John Malathronas concludes the article.