NGO says there is Greek and non-Greek side of Lesvos


The Moria Corona Awareness Team, which was set up to inform Moria migrants about the coronavirus, believes the government’s welcome measures have protected migrants from the Greek coronavirus, SLPress reported.

The organisation says “we are a group of people in Moria Camp in Lesvos who are organising us to face the Coronavirus Crisis. We are cooperating with the Greeks and organisation who want to help. We are teachers, pharmacists and other professionals from many nationalities.”

However, a post made on Thursday has sent Greek social media users into a frenzy when the NGO said the “Greek side of island,” insinuating there is a non-Greek side of the island.

When the organisation was asked by a Facebook user what you mean by “Greek side”, the organisation replied: “The Greek Side is outside the camp where people can keep Corona rules and Sodial [social] distancing. And then there is this camp, where all these rules are not working. Where people are forced to live in tents without water and electricity. The camp was put under lockdown, so for us there is this camp and then the Greek side. The camp is a kind of hell and the Greek side is outside this hell, a beautiful and nice island.”

The NGO refuses to acknowledge that the entirety of the island, in its fullness, is entirely Greek.

About half of the islands 50,000 illegal immigrants are kept at the Moria camp that is supposed to host 3,000 people only. In 2018, there was as many as one rape report a week in the Moria camp and an increase in killings and criminality on the island, including most recently rioting and olive tree chopping.

The Moria camp area is rife with criminality, including the recent example of Afghani immigrants battling each other, African immigrants ridiculing and coughing on police in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of olives trees being destroyed and churches trashed and destroyed, as reported by Greek City Times.

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