Diving to help boost Greek tourism

PHOTO 2020 05 24 00 25 17

PHOTO 2020 05 24 00 25 17

A bill aimed at promoting specialised forms of tourism in Greece, including diving, was voted through Parliament late on Friday.

Diving is now allowed across Greece, with no depth limits, with some exceptions including areas where the armed forces conduct exercises.

Divers will henceforth be able to visit underwater archaeological sites without the requirement that they be accompanied by archaeologist divers (of whom there are few in Greece) as long as they are escorted by members of certified dive clubs.

Access will also be permitted to shipwrecks more than 50 years old, which had been forbidden to date, as long as divers are accompanied by certified dive club members.

Greece’s Association of Diving Centers issued a statement on Friday calling for clarity as to when the country’s clubs would be allowed to reopen amid the continued easing of restrictions imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, warning that they face financial ruin if the protracted closure does not end soon.