Eight new coronavirus infections in Cyprus



Cyprus announced eight new coronavirus cases on Sunday, mostly from repatriated Cypriots, a day after the island celebrated zero COVID-19 cases for the first time since March 9, when the country reported its first two cases, according to the Health Ministry.

The total number of cases in Cyprus currently stands at 935, with 17 related fatalities.

According to the Ministry of Health, 190 tests were also carried out as part of the 10,000 on people working in catering and beauty establishments, hairdressers, barbers and tattoo parlours, all of which came back negative.

Also negative were 144 tests carried out at the Nicosia general hospital, 704 from the 20,000 being tested in education, 200 of the 20,000 working in retail, 127 among sensitive groups and 81 tests carried out by private initiative.

President Nicos Anastasiades highlighted citizens’, scientists’ and health workers’ contribution to combating Covid-19 as a result of which no new cases were seen. “The conscientiousness shown by our citizens, the fight of scientists and frontline health workers (against the coronavirus) led today to zero Covid-19 cases in our country. I thank you. We have to carry on this way. To return to our normality with consistency,” Anastasiades said on Twitter.

Last week, Cypriot Deputy Tourism Minister Savvas Perdios announced that Cyprus will reopen its airports on June 9.

Cyprus took measures early to prevent the spread of coronavirus, shutting its borders to all except Cypriots, European workers and those with special permits, then extended the shutdown to all air links. These were followed by a stay-at-home order that only allowed once-daily outings for limited reasons, including essential shopping and visiting doctors, and a night-time curfew.