Greece opens from today

businesses greece
businesses greece
*Image Credit: Eurokinissi

Greece’s Civil Defence and Deputy Minister for Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias said that Monday 25 May is a big day as the government rolls out the fourth stage of lifting restrictions.

Schools, care centres, and restaurants are among the local industry sector to open from today following Greece’s outstanding performance in controlling the virus with reports of only two cases since Saturday and no deaths overnight.

According to Hardalias, the epidemiological data looks good, the public is observing measures for the most part, and there has been no problem with the reopening of school for grades 7-12.

Hardalias reminded the public that cafes, bars and restaurants will open as of Monday, seating people outdoors or in inside spaces with at least one side facing open air. Tables will be spaced 0.70-1.70 m apart, and will seat a maximum of 6 people, exceptions made for families with under-aged children. Staff will be obliged to wear masks and observe all sanitary precautions, including in rest rooms.

Island travel is free as of Monday as well, with the necessary precautions announced several times this past week, including the obligatory wearing of masks by passengers and staff, and the filling out before boarding of travel information for passengers on voyages lasting over 30 minutes.

In addition, special care centres for children, the aged and individuals with disabilities will reopen on Monday as well.

Lockdown restrictions in migration and refugee centres will be extended to June 7, the minister said.

He also noted that 15 flights from abroad landed at the Athens International Airport the last 3 days, and of the total of 1,310 arriving passengers none was found to have coronavirus.

"This effort is a joint one, and the collaboration of state and citizens is necessary," Hardalias stressed.