Prosecutors receive complaint about NGO that said there is a "non-Greek side" to Lesvos

Moria migrant camp

Moria migrant camp

The North Aegean Region is filing a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office against a group of asylum seekers that has formed a Non-Government Organisation on the island of Lesvos and is operating in the Moria migrant camp under the name of "Moria Coronavirus Awareness Team."

It was announced on Sunday afternoon by the North Aegean Regional Governor Konstantinos Moutzouris that the group of Afghan illegal immigrants challenged "our undisputed national sovereignty."

The organisation said "we are a group of people in Moria Camp in Lesvos who are organising us to face the Coronavirus Crisis. We are cooperating with the Greeks and organisation who want to help. We are teachers, pharmacists and other professionals from many nationalities."

However, a post made on Thursday sent Greek social media users into a frenzy when the NGO said the "Greek side of island," insinuating there is a non-Greek side of the island, as reported by Greek City Times.

In a so-called "clarification," the NGO still said "For us there is Moria, the hell, and the rest of Lesvos and we call it the Greek side," without realising that Moria, whatever they consider it, is still Greece and is for the hundreds of Greek citizens that lived there before the illegal immigrants began arriving.

In a comment after the clarification, the NGO then said "We would like Moria to be Greece not only by name but by reality," insinuating that Moria is not a part of Greece in reality, which only caused Greek Facebook users to become upset.

Moutzouris said in his statement that the NGO implied that "the territory of the structure is not Greek territory."

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The Moria camp area is rife with criminality, including the recent example of Afghani immigrants battling each other, African immigrants ridiculing and coughing on police in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of olives trees being destroyed and churches trashed and destroyed, as reported by Greek City Times.