Famous Tropicana Mykonos Club reopening on June 14



*Warning: things are going to be hot and crazy when one of Mykonos' hot spots, Tropicana Club opens on the 14th of June for the 2020 summer season!

The unparalleled natural beauty of Paradise Beach combined with the hottest DJ's and their mixes, create a special atmosphere that you want to enjoy until early hours of the morning.

According to the Travel Channel for 2012, Tropicana Mykonos was one of the Sexiest Beach Bar in the world, which is no wander why people from the most distant points of the earth, travel to TROPICANA to live it (and experience the famous watermelon cocktails).


The venue has worked with and taken the advice of government officials and management teams. Extra precautions and safety measures will be taken to provide a safe environment for visitors to enjoy the experience.

Just remember, when I say 'TROPI' you say 'CANA'... TROPI-CANA, TROPICANA!