Illegal migrant accused of sexually assaulting 6-year-old girl in Thessaloniki



A 19-year-old man was arrested in Greece's second largest city following a complaint that he had committed indecent acts against a 6-year-old girl from Syria, The Toc reported.

According to the report, the accused is an Afghan citizen, whom a criminal case has been filed against and is being taken to the prosecutor. The mother of the minor complained to the police of the Thessaloniki juvenile protection sub-directorate.

The Toc reported that according to the complainant, the 19-year-old Afghani was a recent guest in the apartment where the girl lived with her family in Ampelokipi, where, according to her, the indecent acts against her daughter took place.

The police investigation also revealed that the detainee was staying illegally in the country, as he did not have travel documents in his possession that would justify his legal stay in Greece.

This comes as a brutal crime took place at the migrant camp in Moria on Friday afternoon when a 23-year-old Afghan woman stabbed herself in the neck and killed a 23-year-old compatriot, as reported by Greek City Times.

According to sources at the camp, the quarrel followed a fight between the children of the two women. The victim was taken to the doctor’s office at the camp with a number of wounds, where she was later pronounced dead.

In March, two gangs of illegal immigrants, overwhelmingly Afghani, clashed at the Moria migrant camp located to the north of Mytilene. It is not known why the two groups fought with each other, but the ‘battle’ took place on a private farm.

It was not long until many of the illegal immigrants, at first fighting each other with batons and stones, turned their weapons against the local population, with a passing car being attacked with a rock.

The clashes took place when the camp is supposed to be on a lockdown, demonstrating that they are willing to risk a breakout of coronavirus in the Moria camp to engage in violence.