Greek restaurant 'Souvla' in San Francisco becomes romantic spot for a marriage proposal



In a time of uncertainty thanks to COVID-19, it seems that people are still following through with one of the biggest moments of their lives: proposing.

As the saying goes, love will always find a way!

Even though San Francisco's Greek dining phenomenon Souvla closed all its locations for the duration of the pandemic, they made one very special exception.

According to Eater, one of their long-time regulars convinced Souvla in San Francisco's NoPa neighbourhood, to let him and his girlfriend (now fiancée) onto their backyard patio for a surprise proposal.

Goldstein had been planning a public proposal, however the pandemic spoiled the plan. “I’m generally into big crowds, so I was trying to publicly embarrass Christa. But when the world shut down, that became increasingly hard.”

Sam Goldstein and Christa Simone had their first date at Souvla five years ago, where they dined on chicken salads and a bottle of rosé. So instead, he sent a heartfelt email to Souvla with a different proposal in mind, which the owners were happy to help with.


Owner Charles Bililies opened up the restaurant just for them, put a sign in the window that read, "Come on in, Christina," and decorated the space with roses.

Simone thought she and Goldstein were just going out for a walk when she excitedly saw that one of her favourite restaurants - Souvla- had a sign in the window, hoping to say it was reopened. But instead, she saw her name. That is when Goldstein dropped to one knee and popped the question... of course she said yes!

“We were blown away by how incredibly generous and helpful Charles and Jen were,” Goldstein told Eater. “It just goes to show how kind people can be, even to complete strangers. It was one of those moments that restores your faith in humanity.”

Souvla ceased operations in March, a difficult decision made without regret. "We did it for the health and safety of the 170+ women and men who work tirelessly every day to bring Souvla to so many. We are so grateful to all of them, so relieved they all remain safe, healthy and employed," they announced on Facebook.

*Source: SFGATE