Study finds Greeks do not intend on dining out after Covid-19

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As the food service industry reopened for business on Monday following the coronavirus lockdown, a study released by the Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods (IELKA) found that two-thirds of consumers do not intend to visit any restaurants this year, while almost a third of Greeks will not be going on holiday this year.

According to the study, half of the 1,050 people who participated, said they do not intend to visit a restaurant this year, given fears about the spread of the coronavirus, and another 17% went as far as saying they do not want to go to a restaurant ever again.

Only 33% of respondents expressed the intention to dine out at some point during this year.

Furthermore, 4 in 10 Greeks said they will continue to avoid going out generally this year, due to the distress that the coronavirus crisis has instilled.

Another interesting finding: 30% believe they will not be able to take a vacation at all this year, with 8% claiming it will not be an option until 2021.

A total of 24% said they will still go on vacation unaffected by Covid-19. Of those polled, 37% expect to go on vacation in August, 16% from July onward, and 15% after summer to the end of the year.

The same survey revealed that only 28% of consumers have stopped wearing face masks when going into shops, but 41% said they will not stop at all within 2020. 1 in 3 of the survey’s participants also said they will continue to wear plastic gloves when shopping next year too.

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