Marena Manzoufas, influential Australian television executive

Marena Manzoufas

Marena Manzoufas

A late media professional and founding member of SBS, Marena Manzoufas, has been posthumously inducted into the NSW Government’s Multicultural Honour Roll as part of the 2020 Premier’s Multicultural Community Medals.

Acting Minister for Multiculturalism Geoff Lee passed on his condolences to the Manzoufas family and her friends.

“Marena’s legacy will never be forgotten in NSW and we owe her a profound debt of gratitude to her contribution to multicultural public broadcasting,” Mr Lee said.

“We are delighted to honour Marena’s legacy in the Multicultural Honour Roll.”

Ms Manzoufas was an executive for SBS and ABC. Until her retirement in 2010, Ms Manzoufas was a television director at ABC.

Her close friend and former colleague Jennifer Bott said “Marena was a courageous and insightful pioneer of multiculturalism in Australia, particularly expressed through our media and creative cultural life.”

“She played a significant role in not only multicultural policy but most importantly in the establishment of SBS, its programming, and in her senior roles at Beyond International and the ABC,” Ms Bott continued.

“She was much loved by her colleagues and friends for her fierce value system and passion for the arts.”

The Multicultural Honour Roll is a permanent tribute honouring people who have made an exemplary contribution to NSW.

*Image courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald

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