Pan-Macedonian Union denounces government's inaction on the Prespa Agreement

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The "Pan-Macedonian Union of Greece" expressed its dissatisfaction in a letter to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis about his government's treatment of the Macedonian issue.

The members of the Union, in an open letter to Mitsotakis, called for a change in his "submissive and timid tactics to the Macedonian Question that does not defend Macedonian Hellenism and offends the dignity of Macedonians and consequently all Greeks."

The letter of the Pan-Macedonian Union to the Prime Minister in detail:

To: Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Prime Minister of Greece

As Macedonian Greeks, like all Hellenism, we consciously applauded and disciplined the unprecedented restrictive measures you announced due to the coronavirus, because with the "experience and knowledge" of thousands of years of collective social life as a nation, we realised the need for individual and collective good.

We used the same "experience and knowledge" to react to the unhistorical and treacherous "Prespa Agreement," and we characterised as traitors those who signed it, because we understood how harmful it was for Hellenism. (Only betrayal can be described as legal recognition by Greeks of a newly formed state with the name "North Macedonia" and the corresponding "Macedonian language" and "Macedonian ethnicity," through the "Prespa Agreement")

We are concerned, however, that we are watching the failure of your pre-election commitment to react to the legalisation of, at least, the "Macedonian language" and the "Macedonian ethnicity" through the accession process of the neighbouring state to the European Union.

Indignantly, we read the decision of your government and yours personally, for the full implementation of the agreement, which you yourself, repeatedly in the run-up to the elections, have described as detrimental to Greek interests.

But the time of truth has come. Very recently, the European Union decided to start accession negotiations with the neighbouring country. The Bulgarian government, consistent in defending the rights of Bulgarians, strongly opposes the existence of a "Macedonian language." You and your government not only do not oppose, in order to claim the interests of the Greeks, but you applaud the developments against us.

The effective treatment of coronavirus does not relieve you of your responsibilities in the sale of Macedonia. Not only the one who voted for the "Prespa Agreement," but also the ones who apply it faithfully are reprehensible.

Because you did not accept to meet with representatives of our Federation and the other Pan-Macedonian Associations of your compatriots, we address this open letter asking you to change your submissive and daring tactics in the Macedonian Question that does not defend Macedonian Hellenism and insults all Greeks.

We will be the first to applaud this change. However, we will be strong critics of the continuation of this tactic, until the final justification of Hellenism, because the Macedonian Question is a matter for all Hellenism and not only for Macedonian Hellenism.