'We Are One: A Global Film Festival' features four Greek films

'Electric Swan directed' by Konstantina Kotzamani

'Electric Swan directed' by Konstantina Kotzamani

Four Greek directors Vasilis Kekatos, Athina Rachel Tsangari, Konstantina Kotzamani and Thanasis Neofotistos, will showcase their films in the world's first online film festival "We Are One: A Global Film Festival".

The 10-day online festival (May 29-June 7) organised by YouTube and Tribeca Enterprises features a range of films and events from around the world.

Films will be streamed at youtube.com/WeAreOne.

'The Distance Between The Sky And Us' directed by Vasilis Kekatos

In this Short Film Palme d’Or winner, two strangers (Ioko Ioannis Kotidis, Nikos Zeginogolu) meet one night at a gas station. One is there to refuel; the other is stranded.

'24 Frames Per Century' directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari,

A pair of film projectors discuss their impending obsolescence in Athina Rachel Tsangari’s (Chevalier) elegiac homage to Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt, commissioned by the Venice International Film Festival for their “Venezia 70 – Future Reloaded” project in 2013.

'Electric Swan directed' by Konstantina Kotzamani

Buildings are not supposed to move. But on Avenida del Libertador—one of the main drags in Buenos Aires—the penthouse suite of a high-rise begins to tremble, almost as if it’s shivering. These otherworldly tremors provoke a strange nausea in the building’s residents, who live at the mercy of the structure: the wealthier residents on the top floors are worried about tumbling to their deaths, while the more vulnerable tenants near the ground level fret that they’ll drown from ever-springing leaks.

With a deft touch, Konstantina Kotzamani swathes this short feature in a hallucinatory grace, familiar from her prior Cannes-screening shorts. As the building’s residents struggle to survive, Electric Swan sharpens its soft edges into a magical realist skewering of the city’s class divisions.

'Route-3' directed by Thanasis Neofotistos

It’s a hot, but rainy day in Sarajevo. On a sweaty, jam-packed tram, a shy teen (Enes Kozlicic) can’t take his eyes off of a young woman (Simonida Mandic) eating a juicy orange slice. But alongside their eccentric fellow passengers, catching her eye proves challenging.


The festival is free on YouTube and organisers will accept donations in support of Covid-19 relief efforts involving World Health Organization, UNICEF, UNHCR, Save The Children, Doctors Without Borders, Leket Israel, GO Foundation and Give2Asia, among others. A donate button or link will be on every film page.