General Floros' message to Turkey: We are ready to crush anyone who underestimates us

General Konstantinos Constantinos Floros

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General Konstantinos Floros sent a strong message to Ankara during a Commemorative Prayer for Fallen Paratroopers, which took place at Vouliagmeni, saying that those who "underestimate us are making a mistake."

Specifically, the Chief of General Staff, referring to the special forces, stated that "the ties of those who serve or have served in the Special Forces are indestructible and are never broken. We are the descendants of easy and brave warriors. Our glorious heroic tradition must continue. Especially at this time of year, when the clouds in our neighbourhood are getting thicker and the geopolitical chessboard is on fire, we are moving forward with unbeatable will, inspired by their example and the ultimate sacrifice of our heroes, ready to crush any fatal crash that will happen and who underestimate us."

In the report he made to the special forces and their contribution to the homeland, the Chief of General Staff noted that the Special Forces were and remain the sharpened spearhead of our Armed Forces.

The General also explained the changes he has made to the Greek military since being put in charge.

"Feeling the importance of the mission that will be called to fulfil in a complex and highly demanding business theatre, from the first moment I took over the duties of Chief of General Staff, I set as a priority their modernisation based on autonomy in means and staff and speed in decision making and execution. In this context, the Council of Leaders of the General Staffs has already approved the establishment of an interdisciplinary Special Warfare Command, the strike force of which will continue the continuation of the tradition of the fighters we honour today, the most selected of the three Branches," he explained.

The ceremony was also attended by the Minister of National Defence Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, Deputy Minister of National Defence Alkiviadis Stefanis, the Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Haralambos Lalousis and representatives from political parties, local government and the church.

The Paratroopers fought both inside and outside the borders of Greece and fell heroically fighting defending the values, the ideals, the traditions and especially the freedom of Greece.

The Minister of National Defence said "with today's modest ceremony we pay our due respects and bow to the Greek Paratroopers who added with their blood their own page in the glorious and long-standing Greek history."

"It is the duty of all of us to fight for the ideals, security and independence of the Country, so that their sacrifices become even more valuable," he added.