National Security Adviser: If necessary, we will take military action against Turkey

2 14

2 14

National Security Advisor, Vice Admiral Alexandros Diakopoulos spoke to Open TV's news bulletin about Turkey's challenges and threats of drilling oil and gas in Greece's maritime space, as well as Athens' moves to counter these provocations.

Diakopoulos stated that "at the moment a plan is being implemented, which is and still is a lever of pressure for our country. Of course, Turkey knows that it does not have international law on its side and that is why it is trying to bring our country into a purely political debate."

On the possibility of violating the water borders of Greece, he stressed "we will react as we have already said in all tones, even militarily, although we believe that such a thing will not be needed."

He assess that Greece does not enter into a deadlock regarding the case, considering that the reactions of the country are predicted and correct.

This comes as Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias warned Turkey that Greece is "full prepared" to deal with any situation that Turkey might create in the Aegean, if it goes ahead with its plan to infringe on Greek maritime space, as reported by Greek City Times.

"They are unable to infringe on Greece’s sovereign rights," Dendias said in a statement.

According to Dendias, Ankara’s illegal actions "are a follow-up to the non-existent Turkish-Libyan memorandum," that was signed in November with the aim of carving up Greece’s maritime space between themselves.

"Greece was and remains fully prepared to face this challenge, as long as Turkey finally decides to implement it," the Greek Foreign Minister continued.