Qatar Airways says passengers who tested positive for coronavirus were health checked in Doha

qatar airways

qatar airways

In an official announcement, Qatar Airways stated that the 12 passengers of flight QR203 who tested positive for coronavirus at Athens Airport on Wednesday, did not start their journey from Qatar.

Flight QR203 arrived at Athens International Airport (AIA) on Monday carrying 91 passengers who boarded from Doha. Upon landing they underwent coronavirus testing, where 12 passengers were found to be infected.

"Upon arrival in Doha and before boarding the flight to Athens, all passengers were screened and tested according to the procedures and established health protocols and were found suitable to continue their journey," the airline said.

Out of the 12 passengers, nine are Pakistani nationals, two Greek nationals from Australia and one Greek national from Japan.

The passengers who tested positive for coronavirus will be in quarantine for 14 days, and those who tested negative will remain in quarantine for seven days and then tested for a second time.

Greece on Tuesday announced that it was suspending flights to and from Qatar until June 15.

“Qatar Airways continues to work closely with authorities in Greece and also with the countries of origin of these passengers,” the airline said.