Greek border guards: We are on high alert for any movement of illegal immigrants from Turkey

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Guards at the Greek-Turkish border at Evros have been on high alert, after reports that circulated in both Turkish and Greek media about the movement of illegal immigrants to Greece.

However, nothing like this has been found along the river. In any case, the Army, Police and Frontex continue patrols.

According to the Open TV report, illegal immigrants appear to be trying to cross the Greek border of the Evros river in a wooden boat, as shown in the video broadcast on Wednesday afternoon by Turkish media.

At the same time the Turks, on the opposite bank of the river, as seen in the video that was on Open TV, were ready to encourage illegal immigrants to violate the Greek borders.

"There is a real increase in surveillance, but the measures taken, such as the fence, the cameras and the reinforcements of the security forces and the army, make Evros impenetrable," the mayor of Soufli told Open TV.

The information revealed migrant movements in the area of ​​Adrianouopoli (Αδριανούπολη Turkish: Edirne), opposite Kastanies, but also in Turkish towns and villages near the Greek-Turkish border.

The government has denied that a new border breach operation is underway.

"No different mobility is confirmed than we have been accustomed to all the previous days," said government spokesman Stelios Petsas.

The president of the Evros border guards spoke to Open TV and stated that there were groups of a few people who tried to cross the border, but were prevented.

"But we will be on full alert for any eventuality," he said.

The mayor of Kastanies stated that the security measures at the border have not been relaxed at all, on the contrary, they have been strengthened with the fence, with technological equipment and with human resources.

At the Evros Delta, Greek forces are monitoring the river along its entire length to rule out any possibility of a surprise. The army, reinforced by police forces and Frontex forces have been on high alert since Wednesday.

Turkish media spend a lot of time capturing images of the river with drones.