Illegal immigrants stab Greek in centre of Mytilene

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A Greek man is being treated at the Mytilene Hospital on the island of Lesvos, with four stab wounds to the chest, Sto Nisi reported.

The illegal immigrants clashed with each other for unknown reasons in Sappho Square, according to Sto Nisi, one of the largest media outlets in the North Aegean region.

The Greek passer-by intervened, trying to separate them after he found out, among other things, that 'knives had come out'.

As a result, he was stabbed at least four times. According to medical sources, the injuries are non-life threatening and he remains in a stable condition.

In relation to the attack, a 35-year-old Iraqi man who was identified for his involvement, has been arrested. The person was arrested on charges of attempted murder with intent and violation of the law on weapons and will be taken to the Prosecutor's Office.

A 23-year-old Afghan man was also arrested and charged with attempted premeditated murder.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, an illegal immigrant has been hospitalised at the Mytilene Hospital since Saturday morning, after falling five meters from the top of a building.

According to Sto Nisi, the illegal immigrant quarreled with other illegal immigrants at five in the morning while he was on the roof of a closed art space in Kara Tepe. During the fight, he was thrown off the building, where he sustained serious injury.

As the media outlet says, no one knows what is happening in the storage and industrial areas of Kara Tepe and in the nearby coastal area. This is developing into a serious situation, one that is much worse than that of the infamous Moria migrant camp.

An unprecedented crime wave has developed and is taking place in these areas, and they are the headquarters of gangs that are colluding and trying to control and exploit the 20,000 illegal immigrants living on the island today.