Mykonian Beach Bar in trouble for overcrowding



The nightlife returned to the pre-coronavirus era in Mykonos with hundreds of tourists partying on the cosmopolitan island, while ignoring the government imposed safety measures.

At 'Alemagou', a well-known beach bar on Ftelia Beach, inspectors imposed a "lockout" of 60 days, until the beginning of August, and a fine of €20,000 to the owners, for non-compliance with public safety regulations, according to SKAI.

The "lockout" was confirmed to SKAI by the Secretary General for Trade and Consumer Protection, Panagiotis Stampoulidis, who spoke of the "unacceptable image". "The goal is to limit Covid-19 [...] there is a network of institutional sanctions that are very strict. It is a pity for both the employees and themselves to be locked out because they did not ensure the observance of the measures."

"We have opened on terms, with specific commitments. They are very simple rules. The beach bars should not open the bar and the crowd should be prevented, no parties should be created. For each area of ​​space, there is a ratio of square meters per customer [...] We want everyone to understand that these rules will be enforced."

A heavy fine was also imposed on another business in Hora, Mykonos' lively centre, for overcrowding.