Greece welcomes Egypt's initiative for peace in Libya

Greece's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Greece's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Greece's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has welcomed Egypt's initiative to mediate for peace in civil-war-torn Libya.

"We welcome Egypt's new initiative to resolve the Libyan Gordian knot. The initiative highlights the basic principles of the international community as enshrined in UN Security Council resolutions and the Berlin Conclusions, namely respect for the unity, integrity and independence of Libya," the announcement published on Sunday says.

"We fully share its high priorities, such as immediate ceasefire, the withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries, the disarmament of paramilitary groups and the return of all Libyan components to a process of inclusive dialogue for a comprehensive political solution."

The Foreign Ministry stressed that "the restoration of peace can only be achieved by the Libyans themselves. While the prolongation of the crisis serves those third parties who are interfering in its internal affairs with ulterior motives, peace will benefit not only the Libyans, but also the stability and prosperity of the entire Eastern Mediterranean."

"Greece, a direct neighbouring country, with consistency and stability remains particularly committed to efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis peacefully and declares its willingness to continue to contribute in any way to the Peace Process, which it is already doing and participating in IRINI operation," the announcement concludes.