Greece's PM attends Pentecost Sunday Matins & Divine Liturgy in Tinos



Greece’s Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis was on the island of Tinos for Sunday of Pentecost.

Upon entering the Church of Panagia Evangelistria, the PM venerated the Miraculous Icon of the Virgin Mary, as well as the icon of Saints Constantine and Helen that his late father had donated.

"Mr Prime Minister, I ask you to worship the Icon (of Saints Constantine and Helen), which your father and my personal benefactor Konstantinos Mitsotakis dedicated to the Church of the Virgin Mary," said the Metropolitan of Syros.

Addressing Mitsotakis, Metropolitan Dorotheos of Syros stressed: "Mr Prime Minister, we welcome you to your beloved Tinos after many months of absence as you carried on your shoulders the heavy Cross of responsibility for our country and our people."


"We all owe you gratitude, because you took the lead. And while the whole world is still empowered and mourns thousands of dead, even in our neighbouring countries, our homeland has gone through the ordeals with the fewest injuries. And the Church from the first moment came as a partner and interlocutor, although some things were difficult," added Metropolitan Dorotheos of Syros.

In closing, the Metropolitan underlined: "We wish you health, strength and for what will come and know that you will return to the noisy Athens and your busy office with the blessing of the Virgin Mary and our love."