Stelios Petsas: Greece is not afraid

stelios petsas metra

stelios petsas metra

“We are not afraid. We are getting prepared for any possibility” stated Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas to SKAI TV on Sunday, referring to Turkey's provocations.

"We emphasise everywhere that there is no legal action on the part of Turkey," he said, noting that US support is very important.

Earlier this week, US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy, Francis Fannon called on Turkey to refrain from any provocative actions: “Stop all provocative actions that could undermine investment confidence in the East Mediterranean region and affect political stability."

Petsas stated that the islands have an EEZ and a continental shelf and are recognised by the international community.

“It was a clear condemnation of Turkey and a full recognition of the Greek positions. First, that Turkey’s illegal actions do not produce legal consequences, secondly, that the islands have Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf as the land. So, we have a very clear advantage. The international community recognises that Greece’s position is right,” he added.

Regarding the economic recession after the coronavirus crisis, the government spokesman estimated that the country will be able to recover quickly.

He said that it is important the recession to be as short a possible “the issue is to exit from it and recover quickly. The government will draw up a plan that will really transform the country, we will have a clear plan that will show the country’s course in the next three years until the last quarter of 2020."

Petsas also ruled out the possibility of early elections.