Turkish cyberattack on a Greek municipality website: "Know your limits"

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Turkish hackers managed to take down the website of the municipality of Chalkidona, Thessaloniki for some time.

As seen in the photos, the hackers uploaded a message on the page in Turkish, English and Greek.

The group that is carrying out the cyberattack, according to its message, is Ayyidiz Tim, the "cyber soldier of Turkey."

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The images used by the hackers to replace the webpage of the municipality are screenshots from the 2007 semi-historical epic film 'Mongol' directed by Sergei Bodrov and is about the life of Genghis Khan.

The Mongols, an East Asian ethnic group native to China and Mongolia, founded by Ghenghis Khan, are ethnically related to the Turkic people.

The Ottomans themselves were descended from the Oghuz Turks who originated in areas of today's Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia.

The Ottoman Turks were a ruling minority elite who Islamified and Turkified millions of people, mostly Christians, in today's Anatolia.

It is for this reason that a joint peer reviewed scientific study by Turkish scientists titled "Whole genome sequencing of Turkish genomes reveals functional private alleles and impact of genetic interactions with Europe, Asia and Africa," found that on average, people in Turkey estimated only 21.7% of Central Asia genetics.

Another scientific peer reviewed study titled "The Genetic Legacy of the Expansion of Turkic-Speaking Nomads across Eurasia," found that the genetics of Anatolian Turks are mostly indigenous non-Turkic populations of the region, ie. Greeks, Armenians, Kurds etc.

Although today's Turks are indoctrinated to believe they are the direct descendants of Asiatic Turks and not Turkified peoples, despite physically looking Anatolian and Southern European, genetic testing in Turkey and for the Turkish diaspora is becoming increasingly popular, with many people discovering that they are actually Greek, like in the video below.


In 2018, Turkey allowed its citizens to view historical records to discover their ancestry, with many taking to Twitter to reveal that they discovered they were Turkified Greeks.

Despite the opening of records and the discoveries made by genetic testing, the most ultra-nationalist Turks still believe that they are the direct descendants of Asiatic peoples rather than Turkified natives, and this is reflected in the images used by the hacker against the Greek municipality website.

UPDATE: Greek hackers have taken down the Turkish Foreign Ministry website, as reported by Greek City Times.