Cyberwar continues as Greek hackers make Turkish Defence Ministry website go offline

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Yesterday Turkish hackers initiated a "cyberwar" when they took down the website of a small municipality of about only 30,000 people called Chalkidona in the Thessaloniki regional unit. Ayyidiz Tim, the “cyber soldier of Turkey,” took responsibility for the cuber attack.

Anonymous Greece hacker group responded by not taking down a small local municipality website, but the entire Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, as reported by Greek City Times.

They explained: “Turkey, we also attack. We would like to inform the Mongols to calm down because they will lose the ball.”

Anonymous Greece on their Facebook page made a mistake when announcing this news, saying they brought down the website of the Turkish Defence Ministry, but corrected it later to say it was the Turkish Foreign Ministry and that they had made a mistranslated.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry was down for at least 8 hours.


However, Anonymous Greece did not end their attacks by downing the Foreign Ministry website, but decided to make 'amends' for their original claim of downing the Defence Ministry website, by actually doing so.

"Because it became an issue before with the mistake we made, we fixed it by dropping the ministry of defence after all 😂," Anonymous Greece said on their Facebook page.

This website was also down for many hours before the Greek hackers ended their attacks on the Turkish Foreign Ministry and Defence Ministry websites.

In January, Turkish hackers initiated another cyberwar by taking down the websites of some Greek Governmental bodies. Anonymous Greece responded back by taking down Turkish email services, including the email server of the Turkish intelligence agency (MIT), as reported by Greek City Times.

The list of sites that were hit by Anonymous Greece is as follows:

  1. 112 emergency call number and email service.
  2. Sabah email service.
  3. Hurricane email Service.
  4. Turkish Police (EGM) email service.
  5. Saglik email service.
  6. Economy Ministry email service.
  7. Enerji email service.
  8. SIP-VOIP of Turkish Energy.
  9. MIT email service.
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