Greece and Italy agree on Exclusive Economic Zone

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Athens and Rome have agreed on demarcating an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) between Greece and Italy, following a meeting between Foreign Ministers Nikos Dendias and Luigi di Mayo.

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This development comes after the resolution of problems arising mainly from the Italian reservations about the restriction of fishing rights in the Ionian Sea.

Dendias and Di Mayo will sign an agreement in the coming hours that concludes a long and multi-year round of negotiations between Athens and Rome.

In practice, this is an extension of the 1977 agreement on the continental shelf and paves the way for the dismantling of the problems that have arisen on the part of Albania for demarcation.

The statements of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias and Luigi Di Maio, will be preceded by the signing of the Agreement on the delimitation of maritime zones between Greece and Italy, at around 13:20 Greek time, according to a statement made yesterday.

Deputy Government Spokeswoman Aristotelia Peloni spoke indirectly on SKAI TV about the possibility of an agreement on demarcating the EEZ with Egypt.

Peloni, after first confirming the information about the EEZ agreement with Italy, then spoke of "a very important development that is very positive for the country."

As she characteristically stated, "this agreement that will be announced today encourages another one."

Then, referring to the Turkish provocation in the Aegean, she commented that the Greek side is ready and vigilant and estimated that it is due to an internal political game of the neighbouring country.

It must be noted that Egypt and the agreement with Cairo are considered a more complex case than with Italy, as there is also Turkey, Cyprus and Israel in the region.

However, there are also talks taking place at a technical level.


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