Greek hackers continue revenge attack by accessing sensitive Turkish data

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Turkish hackers initiated a “cyberwar" with Greece, and it is likely they are regretting it now, as Greek hackers have completely compromised the security of important Turkish government websites and recovered personal data.

Ayyidiz Tim, the “cyber soldier of Turkey,” took responsibility for downing the website of a small municipality of about only 30,000 people called Chalkidona in the Thessaloniki regional unit.

But the revenge attack by Greek hackers, using the name "Anonymous Greece," has been much harsher.

Anonymous Greece responded immediately by not taking down a small local Turkish municipality website, but the entire Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, as well as the Turkish Defence Ministry website, as reported by Greek City Times.

The Greek hackers in response to downing the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “Turkey, we also attack. We would like to inform the Mongols to calm down because they will lose the ball.”

However, despite bringing down the websites of two major government ministries in Turkey and embarrassing the efforts of Ayyidiz Tim, Anonymous Greece has been unrelenting and unforgiving by continue their revenge attacks, downing the Turkish government Cyber Security website.

In a Facebook post, Anonymous Greece said:

"Turks, do you want to tell us that you are hackers?
Turkey's National Cyber Security system is down.
Bless you.
Don't mess with Greece, we want good from you.
We will wage such a war on you that you cannot even imagine it.

We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us!"

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In a follow up Facebook post just a few hours later, the Greek hackers also announced that they broke into Turkey's medical system and got the 150,772 pieces of medical data.