550 refugees with free movement permits, leave Lesvos



Some 550 refugees from the island of Lesvos who were granted with an international protection applicant's card, have departed from the island over the last four days.

Of those, 150 left on Tuesday.

According to AMNA, they are heading to their own destinations, as they are no longer covered by any program or organisation such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Greece's asylum service estimates that 25% of some 20,000 refugees currently residing at Lesvos camps, including the Moria hotspot, have been granted the permit for movement within Greece. They are allowed to seek employment but will not be subsidised for housing by any program.

The possibility of leaving Lesvos sent more than one thousand refugees with the so-called 'blue-stamp' free-movement permit to the port of Lesvos on Tuesday, looking to book tickets to the mainland.

Asylum authorities say the movement of refugees from Lesvos to the Greek mainland is expected to continue in coming days.