US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt: The alliance with Greece is one of the top priorities for the United States

Geoffrey Pyatt

Geoffrey Pyatt

A few hours after the signing of theExclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) between Greece and Italy, Greek Parliament President Constantine Tassoulas met with US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt, reported CNN Greece.

"The role of the US is important and based on the fact that Greece is a pillar of stability in the region, of course this alliance is one of the top priorities for the United States," said Pyatt, adding that the US was cooperating closely with Greece especially in matters of defence and security "let alone in the region of the Southeastern Mediterranean and in cooperation with countries such as Cyprus and Libya.”

On his part, Tassoulas pointed out that "we are here to confirm the concerns present about the region, our anguish, our faith, and the efforts to maintain peace in the region."

“These days, culminating in what is happening today at the Foreign Ministry, Greece is proving once again that it is a country, a force for stability and security in the wider region of the southeastern Mediterranean. We have reached agreements with neighbouring Italy, later with Egypt, which are agreements on cooperation, peace and tranquility in our wider region, and all these simple terms of cooperation will strengthen the prosperity and advancement of all countries in the wider region,” the President of Parliament continued.

He noted that the United Sated and in Pyatt, "has shown that it is interested in stability and peace in the wider region. And very recently in a very interesting interview, he spoke about the sovereign rights of Greece, he spoke about the continental shelf that our islands are entitled to, just as the US Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Francis Fannon did recently."

At the same time, Tassoulas pointed out that "the United States obviously has a wider global role, but our country, as a strategic ally of the United States, does not stop watching this role and gladly sees that in this role a strong, prosperous and peaceful Greece is of great importance for the geostrategic assessments of the United States. I welcome him again, here in Parliament and I thank him for all his support."