Libyan philhellene assigned to demarcate maritime border with Greece

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The agreement for the delimitation of the maritime zones of Greece and Italy is now on the way to be approved by the parliament, with the full text and the exact coordinates given to party leaders yesterday afternoon.

An agreement which, as has been repeatedly emphasized by diplomatic circles but also by Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, recognizes sovereign rights to all land and island territories, fully complying with the rules of international law and sends a clear message in every direction for Greece's strategy in resolving similar issues, but also in the intention to reach an agreement in the context of good neighbourliness.

For this reason it is expected that Greece will also soon create similar maritime deals with Egypt and Cyprus.

However, most importantly, it also appears that the Libyan Parliament, based in the eastern Libyan city of Tobruk and opposed to the Turkish-backed Muslim Brotherhood government based in the capital city of Tripoli, wants to create a similar deal with Greece.

According to Nemesis HD, Libya's House of Representatives (Parliament) has decided to appoint Al-Mahdawi Farag, the Admiral of the Libyan Navy, as head of creating an Exclusive Economic Zone deal with Greece.

The admiral is a well known philhellene and a personal friend of many high-ranking Greek military officials.

He studied in a Greek naval school and speaks Greek fluently, often appearing on Greek television.

In November 2019, the Muslim Brotherhood government in Tripoli, led by the ethnic Turk Fayez al-Sarraj, created an illegal maritime deal with Turkey to split Greece's maritime space between them.

Although the Libyan Civil War has been ongoing for many years, Greece had no involvement or interest in being involved, until the creation of the illegal deal between Sarraj and Turkey.

With Greece demonstrating with Italy how maritime issues can be resolved through international law, unlike the Sarraj-Turkey deal, it is expected that in the coming months more maritime deals with be made with Greece's neighbours.