Turkish Cypriot leader says soldiers from Turkey on Cyprus should be replaced by Greeks

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The leader of the Turkish Cypriot community in Cyprus, Mustafa Akıncı has proposed that soldiers from Turkey be replaced by a common force that would also include Greek and British soldiers, according to HalkTV.

Mustafa Akıncı, the leader of Turkish Cypriots, is known for his strong rhetoric against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and strongly advocates for less influence from Turkey in Cypriot affairs.

According to the press release that was relayed by the Kemalist television network, Akıncı wants a deployment of a multinational force on the divided island to replace Turkish soldiers that are occupying northern Cyprus.

Akıncı openly says that he wants occupied northern Cyprus to have less influence from Turkey and to eventually reunite with the Republic of Cyprus. As he is one of the lone voices in the northern Cypriot administration who wants reunification, he is considered an enemy and traitor, and has false allegations made against him.

Drugs and medical supplies were illegally transferred to the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ pseudo-state by the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı, according to a statement issued by the illegal ‘Prime Minister’s office” of Ersin Tatar at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic two months ago, as reported by Greek City Times.

The supplies included approximately 2,000 chloroquine pills, which claimed to heal coronavirus, and protective equipment for medical staff to use around infected people.

The statement against Akıncı claims that the medical supplies crossed into occupied northern Cyprus “illegally,” adding that for the entry of any drug or medical equipment to the north, permission must be granted first and then passed through customs.

There is little doubt that the allegations against Akıncı are politically motivated, as the Turkish Cypriot leader often clashes with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus is deemed illegal by United Nations Security Council Resolution 541 and UN Security Council Resolution 550.

Turkey illegally invaded Cyprus in 1974 and then later established the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus."

No country has since recognised the quasi-state with the exception of Turkey. Akıncı however strongly advocates for the reunification of Cyprus, but is prevented so by many within his own administration.

  1. …indeed, only few speak aloud, and yet after decades still, Cypriots win in Cyprus, Turkish or Greek. One would think that those for “Greekness” and “Turkishness” could do better, with all the energy they have put into their efforts. Silenced, and artificially divided, Cypriots have not been subjugated yet.

    Mr. Akinci, i hope, will see what a powerful position he is in, with all eyes, in Cyprus, and Turkey, the whole world, upon him.

    …is he a “Turk”, or Turkish, i suppose like many, i have to ask myself.

    One thing is for sure, should he dare to stand beside his Flag, the Flag of Cyprus, he would not stand alone.

    And representing Cypriots, who would he expose but those who treat it like a rag.

  2. In Australia, I have Turkish Cypriot friends who would far prefer Erdogan’s military leave Cyprus. Who would love to see peace between the islanders. Who have Hellenic Cypriot friends and both ”sides” here do not see themselves as ”sides” but as people of a common nation. This gentleman appears to have a wisdom lost on Turkey’s autocratic incumbent.