School children in Mytilene donate class trip funds to local hospital



Students from the 3rd Gymnasium (High School) of Mytilene, have used their cancelled class trip money to buy 900 masks for the island's only hospital, Ethnos reported.

The young students planned to go on their annual educational trip to northern and central Greece, however the coronavirus pandemic cancelled their trip.

Whilst schooling from home during their lockdown, they were informed that the Hospital of Mytilene needed masks, which is why they decided to offer the money for their trip to purchase 900 medical masks.

"We didn't tell them what to do with their piggy bank money. We just gave them the information and having developed communication and reflection on the issues of the pandemic, they wanted to contribute to society as a whole. It is definitely a commendable action that was made by 15-year-old children of the 3rd Gymnasium. This shows their maturity but also their readiness for problems of the society," Professor Panagiotis Tsagaris told Ethnos.

"When the children made their decision to offer their money to the hospital, we were all moved. We contacted the president of the hospital, who gladly accepted the offer from the children, which was around 2,500 euros. 900 hospital masks were purchased, The children felt proud and satisfied," Tsagaris continued.

The students were disappointed they didn't go on their educational trip, but were satisfied and thrilled that they could help those in need.

It just shows that it is second nature for the young children to help others.