Authorities harass family of martyr who defended the Greek flag from Albanian police

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The family of Konstantinos Katsifas is in the spotlight of Albanian Justice in Northern Epirus (southern Albania) and has been summoned to the Argyrokastro (Αργυρόκαστρο, Albanian: Gjirokastër) Court of First Instance on charges of illegal construction work, reported.

The persecution is related to a shrine that the family wanted to place on the mountain at the location where their son was killed by Albanian police on October 28, 2018.

Konstantinos, a 35-year-old Greek man was martyred when he was shot dead by Albanian police near the village of Vouliarates (Βουλιαράτες, Albanian: Bularat), around 5km from the Greek-Albanian border.

The shooting exchange between him and Albanian police began when Albanian police removed the Greek flag for “OXI Day” celebrations to commemorate the Greek soldiers who lost their lives during World War II, many of them dying in Northern Epirus when driving the Italian invaders out of Greece.

A few days ago, Konstantinos' father, Giannis Katsifas, together with the mayor of Vodristas (Βόδριστα, Albanian: Bodrishtë), who intended to help the family in the construction of a small chapel in memory of Konstantinos, were questioned by Albanian prosecutors.

This comes as the Greek minority in Albania are the subject of robberies and harassment from Albanians.

Local officials point out that authorities in Albania show no interest in protecting residents' property.

Only in the last few nights in the village of Krania (Κρανιά, Albanian: Kranë), gang members stormed five houses, taking everything they found, and after loading the loot on their cars, disappeared.

The community leader of the village Iraklis Kitsios (Ηρακλή Κίτσιο) points out that despite the repeated protests of the villagers, neither the state nor the municipal police show interest.

According to the members of the Greek minority, the ultimate goal of these raids is to intimidate the expatriates in order to leave their homes and flee to Greece.

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  1. I am so sick of all the utter evil that emanates from so called nation of Albania. A nation that was, in part, creatred by an utter swine named Winston Churchill. A man angry with Hellas for not getting on their knees to him in WW1 and joining the war when he ordered them to do so. A man who wanted to show his preference for the new communist state and for his Turkish friends, and so split Iperos in half, giving the north tio the enemy. A state that has tortured and killed Hellenes ever since. My own mother, born in the very same house as her father BUT he was born in Hellas, and she in Albania, has physiocal scars from those animals.

    But that pain of hers is nothing compared to what this family have suffered. Where are their human rights? What has the UNHCR done for their son and this grieving pair of parents?

    Ther EU has previously determined amongst their Hellenic hating and utter interfering hearts that Enosis will never be allowed, but we must pray and hope that Hellas will one day have a leader who will take back what was stolen and return all of Iperos to the Hellenic flag. Surely Hellas has a far greater military and could easily reclaim the region, and should.