American biologist Suzanne Eaton's murder inquest concludes

American biologist Suzanne Eaton's murder inquest concludes

American biologist Suzanne Eaton's murder inquest concludes

The inquest into the death of American biologist Suzanne Eaton in July 2019 on Crete, has concluded.

Yiannis Paraskakis, 27, who admitted to killing and rapping Suzanne will be standing trial, the Greek lawyers representing Eaton's family said on Thursday.

Suzanne Eaton, a 60-year-old molecular biologist, was attending a conference in Crete when she went missing on July 2. Her body was found six days later in a tunnel used as a storage site during World War II.

Paraskakis admitted to hitting Eaton twice with his car before abducting her, then raping and murdering her.

In the statement, the family's lawyers Vasso Pantazi and George Tzeriz said that "the husband, her two boys, the mother and siblings of the late biologist Suzanne Eaton, who was murdered and raped in a brutal and inhumane manner last summer, have entrusted us with defending her memory and supporting the charges against the man, who, beyond any human instinct, deprived her of the opportunity to live, plunging her family and relatives into immense sorrow."

They also said that the family of the deceased has absolute confidence in the Greek justice system and has expressed satisfaction with the result of the man's cross-examination, "which has just been completed and which did not leave a single stone unturned in this brutal homicide."

The lawyers added that Paraskakis did not, at any point during his cross-examination, revoke his confessions, or apologise for his crime before the prosecutor. Additionally, no active psychopathology was detected by psychiatrists during his psychological evaluation. The doctors who examined him "determined he was entirely aware of the inhumane actions he perpetrated" and "were astounded by his apathy, coldness and cynicism," the two lawyers said.

The family will be present in court to testify and "help a fair decision be reached in her memory," said Eaton's relatives via their lawyers, and they also "express their gratitude to the all the Greeks for the hundreds of messages of support they have received."

Last year, the father of the Paraskakis apologised to her family through a letter released to the press.

The full letter is as follows:

“As a human being and a priest, and entirely in agreement with the prevailing sentiment, I am devastated at the heinous and appalling way one of our fellow humans lost her life, even more so that the perpetrator of this crime is my own child. I want to express my sincere condolences to the family, husband and children of the hapless American woman Suzanne Eaton. I hope God provides them strength and comfort. As long as I live, I will pray to the Almighty to rest her soul. On the other hand, as a father, I cannot not stand by my child during this difficult time, even if he committed such a serious crime. I would like to apologise to the family of the hapless woman, my fellow villagers, all Cretans, and the Greek and global public opinion. Now it is the turn of Greek justice. This isolated incident cannot in any way describe the peace-loving, honorable and welcoming residents of a country, a people and a nation. I also beseech you: For what happened, the perpetrator’s wife and young children bear no responsibility; please respect our own pain at this time. Just like the family of Suzanne who died tragically, so shall we from now on and from here die an emotional and moral death every day.”


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