Greek Minister for Migration and Asylum: Greece is currently not the main gateway for migration to the EU

Referring to a Frontex report, Migration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarachi stated that Greece is not currently the main gateway for migration into the European Union, ANT news reported.

Based on the numerical data, migration flows to Greece have have dropped by over 90% in the last three months.

Speaking on Θέμα 104,6, Mitarachi responded to allegations of reprisals by Greece, explaining that “we fully implement international law” and added that “there is propaganda from the neighbouring country that Greece does not meet international obligations”.

On the decision to remove recognised refugees from refugee accommodation facilities once granted asylum, he said: “We must help those who have been granted asylum to obtain the required documents that will enable them to find a job and support themselves. We are implementing a non-discrimination policy – namely that those who have a refugee profile, beyond the initial essential support, will then have the same welfare state privileges as the country’s legal residents, neither more nor less”.

Speaking later to MEGA TV, Mitarachi said that current planning calls for very few new accommodation facilities: “We want to decongest the islands without congesting the entire country,” he said.