Villagers in Lesvos fearful of illegal immigrants

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1 28

At the mercy of thieving illegal immigrants who have looted estates, slaughtered animals and destroyed properties, are the inhabitants of Afalonas on the island of Lesvos.

In April, a resident of the village was shot and injured by illegal immigrants who had entered his property. Today the situation has not changed as the looting continues, the residents are in despair and unprotected. The head of the village, Costas Kourogenis, has expressed the common fear that such phenomena may be repeated, reported Nea Lesvou.

"The first house on the outskirts of the village is 700 meters away from the Moria migrant camp. People only hear what is happening in Moria [town], but our village has the same fate, for about a year now," Kourogenis told Nea tis Lesvou.

"Residents are now afraid to spend the night in their own home," he said, adding that "there are villagers sleeping with rifles and others who have shot in the air when migrants were found inside their properties. I am very afraid that if this uncontrollable situation continues, unpleasant events will happen again."

The mass arrival of illegal immigrants to Lesvos since 2015 has also seen the trashing and vandalism of many churches.

The Saint Catherine church in the small town of Moria hit international headlines when it was trashed by illegal immigrants.

Hearing of the destroyed church, volunteers from Gera in southern Lesvos, close to the town of Plomari, dedicated themselves to restoring it.

The hard work by the volunteers has finally paid off and the church that was trashed and defecated in by illegal immigrants, has now been fully restored, and photos of it can be seen here.

There have been many other shocking events that have occurred in Lesvos this year, including two gangs of Afghani immigrants battling each other, African immigrants ridiculing and coughing on police in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and thousands of olives trees being destroyed.