Violent clashes between illegal immigrants in Malakasa

1 30

1 30

A man was seriously injured after a fierce clash took place in the Malakasa migrant camp last night.

According to information from Security News, the incident was between men of Afghan origin.

The stone-throwing between the migrants resulted in the serious injury of one of those involved, who was picked up by a Greek ambulance and taken to hospital.

The situation calmed down when police forces rushed to the spot. At the sight of police, the illegal immigrants returned to their camps and no arrests were made.

It is recalled that three weeks ago there was tension in Malakasa, a village 29 kilometres from Athens, between residents of the area and police forces. The incidents between police forces and residents of the municipality of Oropos broke out as protesters tried to close a part of the Athens-Lamia national road in the area where migrant camps are located.

Residents protested against the two migrant camps operating in the area which house about 3,500 illegal immigrants.

Six police officers were injured and five people were arrested during the incident.

Initially residents of the area gathered on the side street of the highway and headed towards the migrant camps of Malakasa. Police in riot gear stormed the rally, removing hundreds of protesters.

Some people threw stones and various other objects at the police forces, who then used tear gas in order to remove them from the highway and not reach the migrant camp

Yesterday however, by the decision of the Ministers of Citizen Protection, Health and Immigration and Asylum, coronavirus restriction measures were extended in the Malakasa, Ristonas and Koutsohera Larissa migrant camps.

According to the Joint Ministerial Decision, the measures will be extended until July 5 for those who live in the migrant camps.