Archaeological Site of Philippi undergoes restoration worth €3,700,000

By 1 year ago

Two large projects worth €3,700,000 are being carried out at the archaeological site of Philippi in Northern Greece, according to a statement from the Ministry of Culture.

Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni paid a two-day visit to Kavala, in order to monitor the progress of the projects.

Mendoni was accompanied by Secretary General of Culture George Didaskalou and the Curator of Antiquities of Kavala; Stavroula Dadaki, among others.

“The archeological site of Philippi is one of the largest and most important archeological sites in northern Greece. In the current programming period of the EU’s NSRF funding for 2014-2020, the services of the Ministry of Culture and Sports are performing two very important projects, the completion of which, in 2023, the archeological site will present a completely different picture to its visitor. Every day, the image of the archeological site must change,” Mendoni said.

The first project which has a budget of €2,300,000 will reconnect the site with the torn-up area of the Old National Highway, which cut through the site, and provide a new western entrance so that visitors are oriented along the ancient road network. “Also, the rubble will be removed from the old excavations, the new western entrance will be formed and the accessibility of the visitors will be organised based on the ancient road network,” the announcement notes.

The second part which has a budget of €1,400,000, is the restoration of Basilica B (II), particularly the missing sections of its upper wall registers and the enforcement of its ruins.


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