School burning blamed on Greek Far Right, found to be done by Palestinians

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The Police investigation into the organised arson plot aimed at the "One Happy Family" illegal immigrant centre and the "School of Peace" for children, opposite the Kara Tepe migrant camp in Lesvos, was a major story when it was broken in Greece in March.

The arson took place at 20.30 on March 7, 2020 in the midst of the migrant crisis at the Evros land border between Greece and Turkey. According to Ethnos, reliable sources told the Greek newspaper that the fire was started by "professionals" and burned a very large area, completely destroying the school building and causing extensive damage to the rest of the migrant structure.

The suspicions had initially fallen on Far Right groups on Lesvos who had targeted NGOs. However, the investigation conducted by the Mytilene Security Sub-Directorate found that things were very different.

Police have filed a lawsuit against a Palestinian who permanently lives in Lesvos and works as an interpreter, as well as two other Palestinians who live in Athens and went to the island exclusively to burn the migrant structure run by an Israeli NGO.

The two Palestinians from Athens travelled to Lesvos on the day of the arson and returned the following day. When they arrived in Lesvos, their compatriot picked them up by car, took them to the migrant facility, set them on fire and then escaped in the same vehicle. The police are examining their relationship with a non-governmental organisation, based in the centre of Athens.

The police of Mytilene followed their tracks over a number of days through video footage and other means.

A case has been filed against the three men, which was submitted to the Mytilene Prosecutor's Office.

However, another person is under the microscope, according to sources of Ethnos.

A woman who allegedly booked the tickets for the two Palestinians who travelled to Lesvos.

Police sources say that the burning of the migrant structure took place at a time of intense tension on the island.