A 300-year-old olive tree has been planted in its new home

For almost three centuries the olive tree ‘lived’ in Aigio, Achaia, but due to railway works in the area, it was uprooted and ‘transplanted’ into soil in Irakleio, Attica.

The Municipality of Irakleio replanted the olive tree at the entrance of the city, at the park on Ifigenia Street.

Trees that are being removed due to work on the railways are not being discarded, but donated to urban areas, so they can continue to provide oxygen and limit carbon in the atmosphere.

Μια υπεραιωνόβια ελιά, άνω των 300 ετών, βρήκε στα χώματα του Ηρακλείου Αττικής το νέο της σπίτι για να ριζώσει, να…

Posted by Δήμος Ηρακλείου Αττικής on Thursday, 25 June 2020